G.A. Farrell & Associates draws on its over 40 years of valuation experience to provide a precise analysis, no matter the size, scope or complexity of our client needs across the length and breadth of Trinidad & Tobago.

Our clients invest in our know-how as much as our technical skills and appreciate the strength and stability of our organization and the people within it. We are Trinidad and Tobago owned and operated and our property valuers are experts in all aspects of the property market.

As an added service to our clients, we also offer Quantity Surveyor’s Reports for proposed construction.(through our affiliation with Clifford Murray - MRICS) to accompany the valuation report, as required by your lending institution.

G.A. Farrell & Associates provides valuation services for all sectors of the property market: Residential. Commercial, Land, Industrial, Special Use and Insurance Coverage.

The valuation services we provide are required for many financial requirements such as:

  • Valuation of collateral for loans/mortgages
  • Revaluation of fixed assets
  • Property advice
  • Refinancing for profit
  • Insurance valuation
  • Determining accurate stamp duty
  • Statutory requirements
  • Accurate value for purchase negotiations
  • Valuation of a company's properties and the contribution to share capital
  • Valuation of investments and investment projects
  • Valuation of a company's property assets
  • Valuation for the acquisition of property assets
  • Company property valuation for mergers and acquisitions
  • Valuation for the financing of an enterprise

G.A. Farrell & Associates supply property valuations on: