Mark Farrell began his secondary school education in 1963 at St. Mary's College, graduating in 1969 when he moved straight into university life at the University of the West Indies. In 1970 he joined the work force, employed by Royal Bank Trust Company (Trinidad) Ltd, where he spent the next six years gaining valuable work knowledge in the financial world before joining Mr. Gordon Farrell to form G.A. Farrell & Associates in 1976.

Mr.Farrell spent the next  ten years growing the company, after which he moved to Miami, Florida. There he worked for eleven years as an independent Real Estate Appraiser in collaboration with large US appraisal firms such as TRW and AREEA. During that period he graduated from the College for Financial Planning.

1998 saw Mark Farrell return to Trinidad, and G.A. Farrell & Associates as its Managing Director. In 2017 he went into semi-retirement while remaining as Chairman of the Company and adding his expertise in commercial valuation reports.